About Chloe Adelle

I was born in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada. I spent my days growing up in Grey County in the small town of Owen Sound located along the waters of Georgian Bay.


The path that brought me to this specific business was certainly unpredictable to say the least. My entire life I knew that I was meant to help others but I never imagined having such a significant opportunity to do so until 2010. While working as a sales associate at a high end fashion store in the local mall I was approached with an opportunity that changed my life significantly. I was introduced to marketing.

As a child I was extremely active. I had a passion for gymnastics. If you asked anyone from my old neighborhood about me I can guarantee they would all say “oh yes that little blonde girl that used to make me dizzy just watching her do cartwheels across the park?” I still coach competitive gymnastics.

In high-school I became even more interested in the theatre and arts. This lead to involvement with various productions at the local theatre such as Cinderella and Michel Tremblay’s ‘Les Belles Soeurs’.

I attended college for Pre-Health Sciences. Upon registration my course of choice, abnormal psychology, was full so I settled for a class entitled humor. Unfortunately, I felt that making a living waiting tables while I was in school was more important than attending a class on learning how to be funny. Unfortunately, the joke was on me because the plan backfired, as I only needed that one credit to receive my diploma. A few years down the road I ended up completing that missed credit with a course entitled The Five Principals of Leadership. (In 2015, I received the last credit needed to graduate with a 98%)

After College I moved to Woodstock, Ontario where I was introduced to the world of personal training. I gained a variety of marketing skills as I quickly worked my way up the ladder from employee to manager at a new state of the art fitness facility.

In 2013 I moved back to my home town on Georgian Bay.

In 2015, I competed at The Cheerleading Worlds hosted by USASF (U.S All Star Federation) and IASF (International All Star Federation) at the ESPN Centre in Orlando, FL.

I have been told that I have always had a knack for motivating and inspiring others, especially when it comes to solving people’s problems. Before being introduced to marketing, I had limited resources when it came to helping others, and now I have the power to drastically change their lives.

In 2012, I was presented with the Inspirational Award, a great honor from the Canadian Diamond Leaders.

Combining my passion and my career has never felt so rewarding plus have had the opportunity meet and work with some of the most motivational mentors and entrepreneurs in the world.

If I was asked what I am most passionate about personally I would respond with “being able to inspire others to complete various tasks within the everyday grind”. I want people to be able to lay their head down on their pillow at night and rather than having a feeling of worry or stress helping them have a sense of motivation and accomplishment.

When I am not working I am always looking for ways to meet new people.  Even though it may be considered work to some, I thoroughly enjoy events such as marketing demos and public functions and more importantly organizing those events. I also love attending concerts and special events. On a Sunday afternoon you will find me near the water’s edge with my nose in a great fitness magazine or motivational book. My absolute favorite thing to spend time on is to surround myself with likeminded individuals who are positive and outgoing.

I have been involved in the business of ‘people helping people’ since my introduction to the industry in 2010. During this time I have been able to provide many people with the tools required to be able to pave their paths to anywhere they desire in life with no restrictions.

Currently, I am residing on the beautiful South Bruce Peninsula near Lake Huron. I am continuing to pay it forward. My sole mission is to inspire individuals to become empowered to think for themselves, to reach their goals in life no matter how significant and provide them with the ability to pave their own path for success.

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