An ah-ha Moment; Sharing the Experiences in Life that Make you, You!

In April 2015, while getting ready for a morning practice at the Disney All star Resort in Orlando FL, I was prompted to start a blog for the first time. I happened to be rambling on as I was working on some last minute make up touches and attempting to place my bow in my hair just right. As I was rambling, two of my teammates suggested, “ Hey Chloe, you should seriously start a blog!”

I asked a few ladies I was rooming with if I started a blog; would anyone really read it? Much to my surprise they said Yes. I assumed they were just being nice and went about my business with another minor sports bra adjustment.

Finally, in January 2016, those words resonated in my head and I took action with my first project entitled “Passion vs. Pain, Improving Joint Function!”

From this point forward I would personally like to extend out a sincere thank you to those two inspiring ladies, you know who are.


I also would love to extend a sincere thank you to all of my mentors who believed in me and told me that my personality would excel in my current career endeavor.

One of my mentors’, who is retired from the business of financial planning and is now independently working for herself from home, was on the phone with me after she returned home from a training seminar in New York and said with such excitement,

“I wish that I could just unzip my head and download the information from my brain, you know, like a file to your brain Chloe, I have so much to tell you!”

This statement was powerful to me and from this point forward that is exactly what I intend to do. I will be unzipping my brain by writing about things I am passionate about from affordable fitness, beauty tips, various “how to’s” and of course becoming an independent entrepreneur along the way.

 Every situation we put ourselves in is an experience and it is up to you whether you choose to embrace that experience and act upon it. Based on my experiences; as I write about the knowledge that I have gathered I can only hope that these experiences that change my life can do the same for you.

Happy following,



Chloe Adelle- Leader in Personal Development

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Passion vs. Pain! Improving joint Function!

Whether you’re young and invincible, a weekend warrior, or a busy parent chasing the kids around the house this is a need to know!

Did you know that the highest rate of knee injuries occur in the ages of 15-24 year olds?handstand

As a competitive gymnastics instructor I would like to place my self in the category of young and invincible, but much to my surprise even with the right foods and exercise the discomfort my body was enduring from my passion was heart breaking.

In order to perform at your best level one needs flexibility and protection for their joints, ligaments and tendons.  So just take a joint lubricant tablet off the shelves, right? Well you could, however…

“Other inflammatory such as glucosamine just dampen the inflammatory process so you don’t feel what is happening and it doesn’t correct the problem.”-Dr. Todd Schlapfer

Human beings are designed to move, what makes a joint work is connective tissue. It is critical for connective tissue to be healthy but unfortunately maintaining optimal joint function isn’t always the case.

What Decreases Connective Tissue Function?  

  • Not only Injuries, but
  • The way we handle Stress
  • Age
  • Food Consumption
  • The way we move
  • Lack of essential nutrients

Finally, something that works for me. A formula has been created to inform the immune system to turn off the inflammatory response. For more information on how you can increase your joint function contact:


“There’s no stiffness when getting out of bed in the morning. Both my husband and I have noticed a great deal of improvement.” Alice – Fernwood, ID

“My husband is a true believer. He noticed the difference in his knees right away, especially when going up and down stairs.” Gail – Colorado Springs, CO

“Sports have always been a part of my life. Unfortunately, I’ve torn my ACL three times and damaged my cartilage. After my last ACL reconstructive surgery my surgeon was shocked at how my cartilage was thick and healthy. After all the abuse I’ve done to my knees he said my cartilage is in excellent shape. I’ve been using this for years!” Tom – Spokane, WA

“Being a competitive gymnastics instructor your body is always under stress especially when spotting athletes, lifting, throwing and catching human beings can be strenuous. At the end of the shift I can get myself out of my vehicle with ease; the next day I can get out of bed w;ith out that to familiar painful groan”- Chloe Adelle Sauble Beach, ON

Just Chillin
Why Motion? Dr.Todd Schlapfer, D.N.M.- Advisory Board Member